Cassées des Baux Olives

cassees des baux olives

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Ok. I have tried many olives, but these are the BEST olives EVER! Cassées des Baux Olives are very rare, hard to find, and worth every penny. If in my life I can get a full food service bucket of these, at a wholesale price, it would be better than winning the lottery. Only one place has them online that I know of: Formaggio Kitchen (thank you), and sometimes they are out of stock (keep checking). Waste no time. You must try these. If you get some lemme know, because I’m coming over for dinner!

Country of Origin: France

Region: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

Cassées des Baux (unpasteurized) from Grossane or Salonenque olives – one of the few AOC olives, it is produced in the vallée des Baux, in France’s main olive and olive oil producing area: Provence. Cassées des Baux olives are cracked and cured with fennel (fennel seed, fennel flowers, and fennel stalks). They are a nice fleshy olive with a great buttery, fennel flavor.

via Formaggio Kitchen | Olives & Antipasti | Cassées des Baux Olives (unpasteurized).

Eat like a God!


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  1. Dan B

    We spent a week in La Baux last October and I have been trying to find olives cassees since we returned to California. I purchased a few pounds from Formaggio Kitchen and they were not fresh. I continue to look for a source. Any other ideas?

  2. We sell the Cassees des Baux in our specialty grocery, in Minnepolis Mn, as well as the Lucques olive from Southern France, also a wonderful olive

  3. OMG I want to try these so bad! I’ve “wishlisted” them. If my first ebook does well, this will be my reward and I’ll have you and Amy over to celebrate with me!

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